Saturday, June 16, 2012

Who is Clint Bondad?


We saw him on the Smart TV commercial, found out his name what his name was, and checked out his pictures online.

What’s next?

Ever since I have posted about Clint, I have been seeing a lot of people have been stalking him on my blog.
Well, are you ready to get up close and personal with Clint Bondad?

Let’s go ahead and do that, shall we?

Name: Clint Bondad
Year Born: depends on the job my age changes ;)
Height: 6'2''
Eye Color: light brown or wait let me check first... yes its light brown
Hair Color: black
Ethnicity: Fil-German
Location: Makati


Lloydy: So where are you from, Clint?
I was born in Offenbach a.M. GERMANY!!! Proud to be born there.
(Then I) went to kindergarten in Dietzenbach. I was the little kid climbing over all fences that tried to hold me back. I gave them a hard time haha!

Words of wisdom from Clint:
We have to start to love our self and accept that we are not perfect, but perfectly unperfect. The beauty of life. Then we will be able to share that with our brothers and sisters. It’s the energy that we give and get back.

Lloydy: How were you as a child?
I went to elementary school also in Dietzenbach but we moved to Frankfurt when i was in fourth grade. A lot of new faces and challanges. I was one of the fastest kids in school that’s because I was running to school everyday! That’s when i noticed that my bed have some special power over me. It’s very hard for me to get out of them!!! Maybe it’s love haha! who knows...


Lloydy: Wow so you were a pretty hyper kid before. How was life growing up?

All my friends i used to have were always older then me, something really cool but sometimes just sucks because i used to be the only guy who had to ask the parents first haha! Maybe I was around 12 that time.

I went to high school in the biggest school in Frankfurt which means a lot of students, less control over them and means a lot of little wanna be gangsters running around who listen too much of rap music and taking it too seriously.


Something I have learned from my dad is that: the goal in life is to be free. Do not let yourself be controlled.
Maybe also a reason why I love to be rebellious. Freedom means that you will have to fight for it sometimes... and if you do, give everything you got for THE FREEDOM!

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Lloydy: Any last words?

So do not forget:  Drugs are not bad, they are really bad and freedom is something that we have lost when we were born in this world. its up to us to find it again, be ready to fight for it!

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