Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Philippine Fashion Week twitpics


Philippine Fashion Week was a very tiring week, but thanks to these eye candies, it’s all worth it.

As you all know, I have been so busy last week for PFW that I wasn’t able to blog all week. Well, with all the busyness, I just managed to post real-time on Twitter ( @lloydygaga ) what’s happening and some pics of the models!

Here are all the twitpics that I took during the event. I used PicStory app which is like Instagram for Blackberry. I super love this app, I just hate the watermark. :-/

The above picture is Portuguese model Tierry. I took this photo after we watched the show and he was on his way to his other show.

Here is newbie model Vince. I know this picture doesn’t give him justice because he is just so good-looking in person!


Brent Javier. Ambushed him after the Oxygen fashion show.


I was waiting in line for a show with Gustavo and Enrique, talking about stuff. I was having a good time that I almost forgot to take their pic!


Busy Robbie. It was my first time meeting this guy and it felt like he was a real cool person. Sorry Robbie but I thought that you were kind of an unapproachable person at first, but yeah, I am mistaken. He was ready to take pics with anyone.


Uber crush Marc! Yes, Marc Nelson is my teenage dream. I just can’t get enough of him still everytime I meet this super buff guy.


Carlo Romero was too formal when he came to the fashion week night. Or maybe he just needed a jacket to complete his look? Whatever it is, I still love him whatever he’s wearing or NOT wearing!


Hideo Muraoka! My fashion week won’t be complete without him!!! I knew that SM Men’s Fashion did not have a show this season but good thing that he managed to walk for M Barretto and Frederick Policarpio.


And guess who this guy is.

The first time I asked for his picture, he posed like this and I was like, “Wow, this model is super cool!”. I like him being fun.


It is Clint Bondad! The guy in the new Smart TVC. See? No one would have ever recognized him with the first pic. LOL.

So there. I was looking forward to catch John Spainhour lurking around the SMX but for some reason, I wasn’t able to catch him. Too bad.

Now if only you were following me on Twitter, you have already seen this hot guys last week before anyone else does. So what are you waiting for? Follow me now!!!

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