Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Model Alex Hidalgo–robbed by Tam Airlines

alex vega hidalgo

Costa Rican model Alexander Vega Hidalgo worked around the world for two years only to come back to his hometown with nothing.

Alex is a pretty known face in the Philippines as he often appears on TVC's, billboards, and runways. If you need more time familiarizing with Alex, click here.

I heard about this issue of Alex after he came back to Costa Rica and was deeply saddened about it. After more than a month, I was surprised to know that the issue was not resolved yet.

Alex left Manila last April 21, 2012. He passed by Brazil on April 23, 2012 and flew with Tam Airlines going to Costa Rica. When he arrived in Costa Rica, he was surprised that all of his baggage was left in Hong Kong and wasn’t put in the plane.

alex interview
Alex being interviewed by local Costa Rican TV network about the issue
According to Alex, Tam Airlines just wants to pay him 1180 USD as they can’t locate where his baggage is.
I know that this is such a nightmare for Alex. He worked hard for all his important things in his baggage like clothes and stuff which are all very expensive.

If it happened to him, it can happen to us. Let’s all help spread the word to help Alex get his things back.

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