Monday, May 28, 2012

Marco Reyes in the new Smart TVC

marco reyes 2

This TVC has just been released yesterday but it has already been making so much noise!

Life's biggest moments deserve fast, reliable internet. Only from the biggest network. That's why life online should never be on hold.

marco reyes

I wonder what makes it click?

Catriona Gray

First is because of Cat. This beautiful girl from IM Agency looks like a goddess in this tvc. She’s the one every girl hopes to be and every guy’s dream girl. Don’t be fooled if it says “Meg Vargas” on the video.

Second is the storyline. We, the viewers, can very much relate to their story as we use social networking sites more often nowadays with our loved ones.

marco reyes 1

Third is the twist. No one would have ever thought that these lovebirds are in two far places apart! We love surprises.

marco reyes 3

Fourth is because of Marco Reyes! The face, smile, and voice makes us wanna melt! Okay, again, his name is not Marco Reyes as it is just the name of the guy he was portraying in the commercial.

marco reyes 4

Fifth reason is the kiss! OMG. This tvc felt like a movie, almost! We would definitely want to watch this two in a full-length movie. They have good chemistry plus everyone’s hooked already.

Let’s watch the video here:

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