Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hunks En Route to Manila this April

Eduardo Esquivel (2)

Summer will definitely gonna be hotter with these hunks around! Brace yourselves!

Costa Rican hottie Eduardo Esquivel will be expected to be here by tomorrow. He’ll stay in Manila for 3 weeks.

alex hidalgo 5

Alex Hidalgo, the guy who’s rumored to be Hideo’s competitor, has arrived last March.


Hideo Muraoka, the Brapanese hottie will be coming back after his series of work in Thailand and Singapore. He considers the Philippines as his home.


Akihiro Sato, the first Brapanese to conquer showbiz, is also coming back.


Brazilian model Luciano Stranghetti arrived yesterday.


Daniel Matsunaga is set to arrive tomorrow after his nose surgery in Brazil.

Hotness galore!!!

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