Thursday, April 19, 2012

Callum is Cosmo's Hunk of the Month for April


Thank you Cosmo for always providing us with the best bachelors ever!

Model/DJ hottie Callum David stole the Binibining Pilipinas show and he's out to steal every girls' hearts with his amazing personality!

04     05

Thanks for his exposure in the Binibining Pilipinas pageant, Callum became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter. Now, everyone is so eager to know him more.

06     07

Apparently, Callum has been receiving a lot of DJing jobs recently. He has been the DJ for last night Nokia Lumia launch.

09     10

I can smell stardom for Callum! For sure, he’s gonna be busy in the coming days.

14     16

I can still remember my very first encounter with him. It was during last year’s Cosmo bachelor bash. Me and my girl friends were just so happy with the event that we just wanted to stop by outside the building and talk about the incredible experience.

20     21

Everyone was already gone after the show. I recognized the guy going out of the event premise as the DJ. I thought that he was really cute so I took a picture of him.

22     23

I asked what his name was, and he said that it was “Vinimal”. I actually didn’t understand what it was or how you spell his name (because of his accent) so I just tried my luck searching for him on the internet.

24     25

I wasn’t so fortunate to find him anywhere but good thing that Cosmo is there to save the day. I think I found him on the Cosmo website and the rest is history.

26     28

Last month at the Swatch event, he was DJing the event and I asked him if he recognizes me. He said, “Lloydy?”.

29     30

I tried to see if he’s a real good guy by asking him to help me with my school project cuz he’s a computer whiz too (now you know!) and he is! If I just insisted, he would have helped me with it for sure.

32     33

Sometimes, when I post something about him. I would inform him about it, but he ends up saying, “Yeah, I’ve already read it and it was really nice!”. Makes my heart melt.

35     36

With all the attention that Callum is getting, I know that he’ll be so busy for the next months to come. I am just so happy for him. I remember that one down time when he told me about modeling problems in the Philippines (which at that time I didn’t understand yet). I had to be a friend and console him. But look at you now, you’re almost unreachable!

38     39

Here are my advices to my dear Callum, always keep your feet on the ground and LEARN TAGALOG. Hahahaha!

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