Monday, April 23, 2012

Fall in Love Again with Close Up


Everytime you see the Close Up commercial on TV, you can’t help but sing along with Ian Batherson and fall in love with their story.

Every Pinoy already knows Mark (Ian Batherson) and Gaby’s (Valerie Weigmann) kilig story. They met at the Never the Strangers’ concert but Mark didn’t get to know Gab’s complete name so he tried his best to know what it is- even if he had to pretend that he was one of the concert performers!

Here is the longer version of the TVC:

Ian Batherson made every girl swoon in this TVC. With that voice, he should be a recording star!

Valerie Weigmann is just the perfect girl for this video. She is just so pretty – she embodies the modern Pinay: demure and elegant!

And here is the “Moving closer” music video! Prepare to get LSS and kilig!!!

Hottie Ian Batherson is just soo adorable in this video. Valeri Weigmann is soo dreamy and so much in character, you’ll get into the story easily! Their loveteam is just so good! I am pretty sure that they must have a teleserye or even a movie for this!

Kudos to Close Up for giving us another great song. For sure, this will be a classic!

Watch the behind-the-scenes video:

Ian and Valeri are really down-to-earth celebs! They are very much approachable and easy to get along with. Just look at them:

DSCN0191     DSCN0192

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