Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mint's Summer Campaign for 2011

Jericho Rosales plays it cool on the Summer 2011 campaign of Mint.

Mint is a personal fave of mine because they hold a sale almost all-year round! They also have very nice designs and modern look.

(Click pics for larger images)

Echo is looking so James Dean-y! Agree?

I think he can pass as a Guess model. Teehee!

Okay so i just edited the pic above. Is it nice? LOL

Aww... Jericho is just so hadsome. I almost forgotten him from my hunk list. Thanks MINT!

Found this photo below on Facebook and thought that it's better than all those Summer campaign pics. echo is just so adorable. Sigh.

Follow Jericho Rosales here and MINT here.


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