Saturday, February 26, 2011

Derek Ramsay for Belo Men

Tunay na Lalake Ka Ba?

Derek Ramsay is asking you if you are a "Real Man".

He is the endorser of my Godmother Vicky Belo's Belo Men.

There is a Facebook app that you can go to so you can prove that you're a real man and win prizes! Cool!

And bros, we also have a chance to meet the gorgeous and hunky Derek Ramsay himself! Isn't that nice? Too bad I missed it. Was there an autograph-signing for real men with him? I wonder.

You also have to watch one of his ads for Belo Men, where he takes his clothes off for Real Men. What a strategy to sell a product! I'll certainly run to the stores now and grab my Belo Men too!

Catch Belo Men on Facebook.

Check out Belo Men's Official site here.


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