Sunday, February 20, 2011

Famous Pinoy Celebs Who Play Football

Even before Azkals shot up to fame, lots of male celebs are already playing football.

Jake Cuenca

One thing that Jake admits to being passionate about is playing football, the sport he has loved since he was a kid. He says that playing this sport helped him lose the extra pounds he had while growing up, "If you're the fat one in football, you're always the last one to finish. I didn't want to be the struggling kid." 

Football, coupled with a supersets workout regimen that entails two different exercises done consecutively, has given the young actor maximum results in the area he is most focused on—his abdomen and lower back. He explains that strengthening his core area helped him with his role in Palos, which required a lot of fight scenes and physical stunts. "Your abs and your lower back are what keep your body together," he explains.


Derek Ramsay

2010 FIFA WORLD CUP WITH DEREK. Because of their busy schedules, Angelica and her boyfriend Derek Ramsay hardly have any time for each other, but they make it a point to spend quality time whenever they have the chance. To make up for lost time, they go on  trips abroad.

"We're planning a trip next month to either the Maldives or Fiji," declared Derek. "I told it to her that I like Fiji. It's a beautiful place. Siya naman nag-mention sa 'kin sa Maldives. So we're picking pa lang which one to go. Dapat nga pupunta kaming Europe at the end of September. It would be my chance to show her England."

But their biggest goal is to attend next year's FIFA World Cup in South Africa. This event is organized by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (French for International Federation of Association Football).

"Every four years lang yun so we have to wait for another four years. We cannot afford to miss this," stressed Derek.

He also reveals that he is a very spontaneous guy when it comes to traveling.

"I'm not even planning. I'm just planning to get there and bahala na when I get there. You know, no hotel rooms reserved. No nothing."

The Kapamilya actor says he's very lucky to have the girlfriend who understands his love for football.

"Hindi naman maarte 'to, e. Yung ano lang, baka hindi niya maintindihan yung passion ko for the game. Kasi ako talagang umiiyak, sumisigaw, nagagalit, naghuhubad. Talagang I'm a very passionate football player and a football fanatic."

In fact, Angelica has seen how Derek can be carried away when he watches a football game.

"Napanood ko 'yan dati nung manood kami ng game, meron talaga siyang flag ng England. Tapos nung matalo, umiiyak siya, umiiyak na rin ako. Kasi hindi ko alam kung paano siya iko-comfort, naiiyak na lang din ako."


Daniel Matsunaga

If only Daniel Matsunaga has Filipino blood, he could try out for the Philippine Team Azkals and be one of the "most good-looking football players" in the world.

Daniel Matsunaga, who is Brazilian-Japanese, reveals to Manila Bulletin that he loves football and he's been playing it since he was a kid.

“I’ve played football since I was a kid. I have a lot of trophies back home. I just joined the Futsal league here, one of the biggest leagues organized by FIFA, and we recently won first place,” Daniel tells Manila Bulletin.

Fabio Ide

Well, as you can see on the picture, he's on the same team as Daniel's. ;)

You could also see on the pic Brazilian model Ademar Oliveira, that cute Mcdonald's guy from the commercial.

So who else did I miss? Gosh. Imagine, if Azkals would need other cute members, these famous guys can be substitutes!


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