Saturday, December 11, 2010

Vote for your Favorite Pier Story

I really wish that I had the chance to join this contest. I could have written a story that includes a scene where Pier has to take off his shirt!
Kinda like this one...

Those are the screencaps for Camille Sy's entry entitled Hypno-Pier. So far, it's the most understandable thing that could happen to Pier. He was hypnotized in this video to be a secret agent. It's the 1st entry that I liked, Pier taking off his shirt is a major plus, though. LOL!!!

I am just wondering why the videos are not in HD?

Vote for your favorite videos here til December 13.

Good luck Pier Roxas. May you remember your past life. Or if you don't, you can just live a totally new life... with me! LOL!!! :D


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