Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hottie Alert! Kevin Cisco

It's a Lloydy Gaga first! I don't think that he's been written anywhere... yet!

I have first saw him on a Sunday noontime show and was able to catch his name but how do you spell his last name? So I gave up. I wasn't able to find him.

Turns out, I was able to find him anyway! Yay!!!

Really, if you are destined to find someone, you will really find him. (Sigh)

Hello, Clark Kent!

Hmmm... So what about him?

I really dont have much info about him, sadly. But who knows? Maybe in the future, right?

I just know that he was cast for a theatre play in the Philippines before and he is in the process of making it to the showbusiness. Thank you so much for making that choice.

He kinda looks like Christopher Reeves on the pic above doesn't he? Actually he kinda looks like Rafael Rossell, Cesar Vargas Montero(model), and a few others.

I love his bone structure!

Ugh. Can anyone be so perfect?

All I have to say is good luck to your career and may you have booming success!

photos from Kevin's facebook page.


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