Friday, November 19, 2010

Is It Me or Is Fabio Ide Getting Fat?

Ok, don't freak out! I know that he's still in good shape and everything. But I think that he's gaining some fats in the belly region.

I love Fabio! Don't get me wrong.

But judging those pics from the Cosmo Bachelors night, I'm kinda worried that he's eating too much. And maybe because of his busy schedule, he finds it hard to workout as well. But, how come Daniel Matsunaga stays fit?

Whenever I see Fabio on TV, my eyes go straight to his tummy region. It's kinda... disturbing.

Oh well, I just want to see the old Fabio. Maybe...

Whenever I see his commercial, I feel... mesmerized. (sigh!)

Go back to the gym, ok Fabio? :)


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