Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Spiderman loses his Costume in Sexy Photo Shoot

They're at it again!

Photographer Sarah Hester does another twist to a popular movie film character with the sexy male model Zachary Howell.

You may remember their viral Harry Potter shoot from last year which spread like magic all over the world.

I must admit, at first look, I actually thought that it was the new Spiderman actor who was in this shoot.

He's totally not flexing in this shot. I mean...

He kinda looks like he's really tired from a whole day of web slinging...

That he's experiencing "Energy Gap". I mean, look. He's not excited! Lol

There you go. He decides to prepare his glass of choco drink...

And finally, that shot which makes us all swoon.

Although this one's pretty good, I like the Harry Potter shoot better.

What do you think of hottie Spidey? Share your comments below!


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