Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Bench Meet and Greet with River Viiperi, Eian Scully, and Kevin Hubsmith

It was about a month ago when Demigods River Viiperi, Eian Scully, and Kevin Hubsmith were flown-in by retail giant Bench in the Philippines. It was such a nice experience for their fans to finally meet them in person.

There were lots of laughter, hugs, and happy moments during the meet and greet. Check it out after the jump...

The meet and greet took place inside the Bench store in Glorietta. It felt very random because the three hunks arrived normally and positioned themselves at the center of the store, River prepared his camera phone to take a video of the whole thing.

They're ready for the fans!

What I like about this meet and greet was that it didn't require the fans to buy a specific amount of Bench items to meet them, you just have to go there and take pictures. Very nice!

All three of them were really so nice.

Some people took the time to bring photos of the models for them to sign...

Selfie time!

You can even get wacky with them! How cute.

This one is original. He actually drew Eian Scully. Major points!

Hugs everywhere... Oh my.

So much fun!!!

Bench, thanks for always making our dreams come true!!!

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