Thursday, November 26, 2015

Meet the Mister International 2015 candidates

We met some of the Mister International 2015 candidates last night after their Fashion Gala and it feels surreal.

Philippines is the host country this year and it feels amazing to have this many good-looking demigods around.

Get to meet the following selected contestants raw and unedited!

These snapshots of the Mister International 2015 are not photoshopped so you will see how good the contestants will look like in real life.

The first one we met was Mr. Australia but unfortunately we didn't photograph him.

Mr. Venezuela
Mr. Philippines
Mr. Brazil
Mr. Panama
Mr. Singapore
Mr. Spain and Mr. Puerto Rico
Mr. Korea
Mr. Sweden
Mr. Belgium
Mr. Japan
Mr. Mexico
Mr. Italy
Mr. Poland

A mini photo shoot was in front of the Remington Hotel with the guys posing beside 2 vintage cars.

It's pretty hard to judge which guys are my favorites coz I haven't seen them without their shirts off so I'm gonna leave that to a later post.

Do you guys have your favorites already? Leave your comments below.

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