Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Cosmo Centerfolds 2014

Cosmo Centerfolds 2014 Tower 69 DEMIGODS (2) Paulo Avelino 1

Can you imagine working in a company filled with handsome and buff hunks?

Cosmopolitan magazine Philippines makes our dreams come true with Cosmo Tower 69 where every employee has attractive faces and gorgeous physiques.

Paulo Avelino spearheads this year’s list of hot bachelors as Cosmo Tower 69’s Chief Executive Officer. Can you afford to skip work with a boss who looks like an angel?

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Cosmo Centerfolds 2014 Tower 69 DEMIGODS (1) Diego Furoni 1

IM’s Diego Furoni likes to be naughty by sneaking in to places like the fire exit where you can do crazy stuff you can ever think of. When we saw this picture, our eyes popped out and said OMG! This may be one of the sexiest pictures of all Cosmo Centerfolds’ history.

Cosmo Centerfolds 2014 Tower 69 DEMIGODS (3) Benjamin Alves 1

Kapuso hunk Benjamin Alves teases us with his boyish smile and a glimpse of his bubble butt. We can almost hear his sexy voice as he answers on the other line…

Cosmo Centerfolds 2014 Tower 69 DEMIGODS (5) James Reid 1

James Reid is the perfect IT guy who you’d like to call on to fix your computer. He always sounds nice on the phone, patient in answering your emails, and he’s always there when you need him physically.

Cosmo Centerfolds 2014 Tower 69 DEMIGODS (4) Geoff Eigenmann 1

And out of nowhere, here comes Geoff Eigenmann who looks like he’s lost a bit of weight but still looking cuddly. You’d want him to be your Teddy Bear.

Cosmo Centerfolds 2014 Tower 69 DEMIGODS (6) Chris Banchero 1

If Chris Banchero would be my officemate who’d always ask me out for coffee, darn it, I’d probably love coffee even more!

Cosmo Centerfolds 2014 Tower 69 DEMIGODS (7) Gerard Garcia 1

Gerard Sison repackages himself into his new screen name “Gerard Garcia”. He’s the guy you’d wanna check out if he’s on the pantry. If he’s there, you’d probably go on break just so you can spend moments together and do your ninja moves.

Cosmo Centerfolds 2014 Tower 69 DEMIGODS (8) Pancho Magno 1

Pancho Magno looks like the kind of guy who likes it rough. Judging by his looks, might as well be prepared to be thrown into several different positions in the office. He won’t care how messy it’ll look like afterwards.

Cosmo Centerfolds 2014 Tower 69 DEMIGODS (10) Daniel Velasco 1

IM’s Daniel Velasco is that cute intern you’d want to train. You’d give him the best tips, answer his every question, and check on him everyday. Who wouldn’t be able to resist to help him while he’s vulnerable?

Cosmo Centerfolds 2014 Tower 69 DEMIGODS (9) Joseph Marco 1

If Paulo Avelino was the CEO of Cosmo Tower 69, Joseph Marco would be my direct manager. He’d do a coaching session after work hours and scold me on my repetitive work issues. “You’ve been a very bad girl and you deserve a hard beating…”, he tells me to shut the door as things get more private.

Don’t we all love office fantasies? Go and grab your copies of Cosmopolitan magazine Philippines’ September issue and get to know the whole list of 69 scorching bachelors!!!

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