Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Secret Story of hunk male model Tierry Vilson (plus exclusive images)

Tierry Vilson Secret Story

Portuguese male model Tierry Vilson who did modeling jobs in Manila last year, joins Portugal’s Secret Story reality show which is based on Big Brother.

Tierry Vilson Secret Story (1)

  • Tierry Vilson is 23 and comes from Praia Grande, Sintra. He is an international model. He spends hours in the gym and has a great care in maintaining a healthy mind and a healthy body. He practices capoeira and is accomplished to turn somersaults. He is very competitive and does not like losing. He likes that people talk about him, no matter what. He entered on Day 1. He shares a secret with Sofia "We have a daughter in common", which they revealed on the launch night. On Day 22, he had a dillemma. He could win immunity, but for that, Sofia would be automatically nominated. He does not accepted it. However "A Voz" decided to keep his immunity, for being unable to damage Sofia's game. –from Wikipedia

More of Tierry Vilson after the jump…

(NSFW Warning)

Tierry Vilson Secret Story (2)

I was very surprised to know that Tierry Vilson joined such show without letting anybody know. As his friend, the last thing I heard from him was when he asked me to like his personal Facebook page. Back then I was wondering why he’d create such a fan page. Now I know…

Check out his exclusive pictures here:

Tierry Vilson (5)     Tierry Vilson Allison Harvard ANTM

Tierry Vilson (3)     Tierry Vilson (6)

Tierry Vilson (9)     Tierry Vilson (2)

Tierry Vilson (8)     Tierry Vilson (10)

Tierry Vilson (1)     Tierry Vilson (4)

Good luck, Tierry!

More of him here.

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