Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Demigod of the day: Jayem Sison

Cosplayer Jayem Sison

Super hot male Cosplayer Jayem Sison is the demigod of the day.

Exclusive update from Jayem after the jump!

It’s almost a year since I last blogged about Jayem Sison so it’s about time to post something about this Cosplay demigod again.

In an exclusive interview, Jayem confirmed that he’ll be attending this year’s Cosmania in Manila which will be happening on October 5-6, 2013.


Jayem’s fans will be excited for sure of what he will be cosplaying this time. Are you ready for it?

He will be cosplaying a character from the anime series “Attack on titan”.

Attack on Titan     EREN

Upon seeing the second photo (which was the 1st pic he sent me), I was like, “OMGGGG!!!”. We all know that Jayem can pull off that look but I think that the cosplay would be extremely hot for him. Don’t get me wrong, I (and a lot of fans) would be really excited to see Jayem in flesh looking like that. O.O

He posted this collage for a sneak peek:

Jayem Sison Eren

What do you guys think of Jayem’s new cosplay?

More of Jayem Sison here.

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