Saturday, September 21, 2013

Is Google forgetting Blogger?


For the last few months, we’ve seen Google make significant improvements to its products and even make new ones but are they forgetting Blogger?

As a loyal Blogger user, I was patiently waiting for Google to make new and exciting improvements to Blogger but as the months pass by, looks like it’s not happening.

I remember Blogger changed its interface a few months ago but that doesn’t really change anything.

Here are a few things that Blogger can work at:


Users are more mobile nowadays and it will be more convenient if bloggers can do it in our very own mobile gadgets. I just checked and there’s actually an official Blogger app, unfortunately, it’s not compatible with my device (Samsung GT P3100).


Ever since Blogger started, it has been a constant pain to find that the Blogger domain you wanted has already been used and cannot be taken down even if it’s never used for years.


In today’s world of instant sharing, bloggers need these options to promote their posts.

If you’re a Blogger user, what other things would you wish for Google to improve? Share your comments below.

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