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Demigods at the Cosmo bachelor bash 2013 backstage

Cosmo bachelor bash 2013 cosmo69

Are you ready for your Cosmo bachelor bash exclusive backstage pass?

Every year, the Demigods blog covers the hottest annual party in the country - the Cosmo bachelor bash! But this year, we are taking you BACKSTAGE!!!

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Before I even came to the World Trade Center for the party, look who I bumped into somewhere in Greenbelt…

01 Cosmo bachelor bash Hideo Muraoka

It’s Hideo Muraoka! What good luck I have. It’s gonna be a very good night!

As early as 4pm, there were already people waiting at the venue. Good job, early birds!


Welcome to the crazy backstage!


I actually tried to tweet the photo above right after I took it but my network failed me. My phone battery was dying too so I had to preserve everything since I knew that it’s gonna be a long night.
I was shocked by the news that a male model’s laptop has been stolen while rehearsals. People were asked to go out of the premises to double check the area, check the bags, and only allow the authorized people who should get in. Lesson: Don’t leave your things unattended.

It was really cold backstage. It was freezing. It didn’t make sense because the guys are having their body makeup on and I was expecting everyone to be shirtless but because of the temperature, they were just warming themselves with their jackets instead.

01 Cosmo bachelor bash Garrett Zebley

IM Agency’s Garrett can withstand the cold though. He stayed shirtless the whole time.

1 Cosmo bachelor bash Vince Ferraren

Cosmo centerfold Vince Ferraren is so white in this picture I had to adjust it. Fresh from his Oedipus play, he shares that it will have a second rerun on October 13th. We’ll be waiting for our complimentary tickets, Vince!

2 Cosmo bachelor bash John Spainhour

Can you believe that John Spainhour was requested specially for the show that he had to fly in from a different country? Thanks Kojie San!

3 Cosmo bachelor bash Christian Williams

Rowdy Hollister model Christian Williams is a real eye candy.

4 Cosmo bachelor bash Antonio de Murga

Azkal hottie Antonio de Murga gets his body makeup on. He doesn’t really need it, if you ask me. Those makeup artists must be really exhausted.

5 Cosmo bachelor bash Carlos Agassi

I almost forgot that I had a huge crush on comeback artist Carlos Agassi a few years ago. He’s still a hottie though.

6 Cosmo bachelor bash Rodjun Cruz

Do you prefer Rodjun Cruz with shirt or no shirt?

7 Cosmo bachelor bash Daniel Matsunaga

Daniel Matsunaga’s smile alone can make someone melt. Agree?

8 Cosmo bachelor bash Arron Villaflor

Aaron Villaflor is holding his mask for his dance number with Rodjun.

9 Cosmo bachelor bash Carlo Romero

Ex-PBB hunk Carlo Romero looking fresh.

10 Cosmo bachelor bash Vince Ferraren

Vince Ferraren changes to his outfit for the night. He folded those shorts afterwards to show his legs.

11 Cosmo bachelor bash JC de Vera

OMG. It’s JC de Vera! It was unfortunate though that he wasn’t shirtless yet.

12 Cosmo bachelor bash david semerad anthony semerad

How do you tell who is who from the Semerad brothers?

13 Cosmo bachelor bash Anton del Rosario

I can’t get enough of Anton del Rosario! He would later workout shirtless and walk carelessly with his butt showing.

14 Cosmo bachelor bash Pancho Magno

Pancho Magno looks more attractive in person.

I checked out how the entrance looked like and this was what I found:


Looks like everyone got in just fine afterwards so I’d have to say that Cosmo did a good job in managing this year’s crowd. Time to go backstage again.

15 Cosmo bachelor bash Pedro Fernandez

The hunk who lost his laptop. I just hope that he managed to fix it with the management. Apparently he did coz he’s smiling and walked the ramp anyway.

Oh and here's Albie Casino smiling with his sinful body...

16 Cosmo bachelor bash Matteo Guidicelli

I actually expected Matteo Guidicelli to be more approachable in person. Well, he is.

Cosmo centerfold Sam Ajdani

17 Cosmo bachelor bash

Check out this Cebuano hottie’s body!

18 Cosmo bachelor bash

I like my Cosmo hunk mysterious like this guy.

19 Cosmo bachelor bash Donovan Prince

Donovan Prince is just too handsome for me.

22 Cosmo bachelor bash John Spainhour

John Spainhour is ready for his Kojie San stint!

23 Cosmo bachelor bash Markki Stroem

Markki Stroem is ready to open the show! This actually made me go outside to watch the show.

24 Cosmo bachelor bash Kevin Balot

Super Sireyna winner Francine Garcia looks very sexy and accomodating when she was spotted.

25 Cosmo bachelor bash Phytos Kyriacou

I had to find a good spot to watch the show only to find cutie Phytos Kyriacou right beside me!

And so the show started…

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