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FIRST & EXCLUSIVE: Devon Spence–Half-Pinoy model in New York


The first time I saw Devon Spence’s photos on social networking sites, I was instantly intrigued at how fresh his look is. I was even more thrilled when I knew that he is half-Filipino!

Get to know this hot model on-the-rise here on the Demigods’ exclusive interview with Devon Spence.

Devon Spence (16)
Name: Devon Spence

Birthdate: 1-14-1989

Height: 6'0"

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Nationality: Filipino/Swedish

Location: Everywhere

What are the 3 words that best describe you:
DS: Effectively efficient, high-energy, organized

Devon Spence (3)

What is the best fitness tip that you know?

DS: Just about anything you do can be split into a portion for fitness. Ex: I stretch when I watch a movie and when it comes time to sweep the concrete deck I choose a cinder block over a broom.

Devon Spence (5)

What is a normal day for you?

DS: Simple. Clean the house and juice a nice fruit/veggie glass to start the new slate of day. The previous night I have already set out my clothes and mapped out my schedule and destinations considering any castings and auditions I may have. During my ventures to those opportunities I may fill portions of my free time with a meeting depending on the career needs or perhaps a visit to Korea town for jewelry supplies to create something new for my artistic side. Upon arriving home it's important to shower off the pollution of New York (if that is where you are residing). Not as much as breakfast, but dinner is a must such as rice, steamed vegetables, and perhaps some spam ^.^ A bit of gaming is the goal here, but most of the time documents and responding to messages takes me into my slumber for the night especially if I had found a moment to dance during my day.

Devon Spence (11)

We know that you are Filipino-Swedish, how much do you know about the Philippines?

DS: Manila is the capital of course and my family and friends have nothing but good things to say such as how beautiful the architecture is and I should see the rain forests, but I also know that there are parts of my country that are in turmoil and kids lacking support to grow and shine on their own, which is why I have participated in joining Children International and help a young boy, John, and his family through their time of need.

Devon Spence (2)

What is your fave Filipino dish?

DS: My grandma is the only one who can speak Tagalog in my immediate family and is also the closest relative I have that can make the best pancit and lumpia. She has to make 50 to start with, because that's my portion lol

Devon Spence (4)

Do you know any Filipino words?

DS: Mabuhay is my favorite. yeah it sounds like "my boo high", but it means "long live" and though spelled differently in other languages it all means the same and that is that we wish each other the best and support one another to prosper in all future endeavors. MABUHAY!

Devon Spence (6)

Can you give us a short bio of yourself?

To give you the quick gist of my life, my family wasn't exactly stable. There was a lot of divorcing, fighting, miscommunication, lies, abuse, and so on. By the time I was seven I was man of the house, put in charge of doing dishes, and laundry, mowing the lawn and taking care of my siblings. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't have changed what I went through, because what we are today may not have been the same if we hadn't endured the hard comings together. Making dinner became easy and making the grades in school was no issue. Fitting in was the difficult part. My best friend was the coolest kid in school, yet I was among those who were laughed at and bullied. Elementary was no joke and I remember sticking up for my best friend during a fight knowing I was no match for the kid twice my size and the end result was obvious, but the teachers did nothing afterwards and that was the first time I realized that sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. Needless to say I was the principal for a moment making things right and leading me into middle school.

Devon Spence (18)

Junior High was most fun. Traveling not far from Triangle Elementary to Carver Middle School not too much had changed. My athletic skills had rapidly started to develop and made football more aggressively enlightening, but I was still a laughing target only this round I new I was and I made the most of it. Making others laugh was a good feeling for me even if it was at my own expense. Relationships lasted no more than 2 weeks before I realized how unmatched we were and called it off and defying the universe (teachers in this case) was all but part of a days work. My best friend and I would always cause a stir, class clowns if you will, and we would always get away with it especially if there was a substitute teacher. Grades were Ace'd and I guess we were just bored and wanted to have fun, but mostly make people laugh.

Devon Spence (13)

It wasn't until High School that I really started to comprehend all that had happened and all that was going on. I became somewhat more popular, but didn't try to stand out. I was quiet when I wasn't needed to speak and listened to what everyone else had to say. I "floated" around hanging with all the crowds, the artists, the jocks, the geeks, the goths, the preps, etc... And I learned quite a lot. Mostly how indifferent we really are and more how our indifference is what brings us together. Anyway I made captain of the football team and captain of the track team and continued to train hurdlers while making my way into my local college in Lake County. During my second year at LSCC is when I was given the opportunity that brought me to where I am today. I've worked at many establishments such as a server for Chili's, a car hop for Sonic, a Cashier at Winn-Dixie, oh and an assistant as a household gutter installer, but never thought I would be a model with a foot into the acting realm and a chance to be far more successful than I dreamed of. All I knew was that if I continued put more effort into it than I though I had that a door would open. Truly I've come a long way and I know there is much more to tread.

Devon Spence (7)

What is your message to your Filipino fans?

I'll be there to visit soon!!!

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The whole Philippines welcomes you with open arms, Devon!!!

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