Saturday, December 29, 2012

iSHARE: Tweet and share demigod-worthy news

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Have you witnessed anything demigod-worthy news lately? Capture it! Take a photo or video and send it to Demigods!

Spotted your celeb crush while shopping?
Know a new TV or movie with your fave movie star in it?
Seen a really hot photo/video online?

Ways to iSHARE:
*TWEET to @lloydygaga
*Private message on Facebook

If your story gets published on the blog, we will credit you for it, complete with your name and social media link/s (more FOLLOWERS!) unless you want to be unnamed.

Let us know the original owner of the media you will be submitting, otherwise we’ll credit you as the owner.

Note: When you send us your pictures and videos, it also means you are consenting to their publication on the Demigods blog and its social media pages.

So what are you waiting for? iSHARE now!!!

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Sharing is sexy!

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