Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cosmopolitan’s 2013 calendar by Frank P Wartenberg

Cosmo January 2013 calendar

What a way to start the year!

It is said that if you’re too stressed, you need to look at something that delights you. This calendar is surely what we all need!

Click on photos for larger images.

6a00e54ecca8b98833017743e59475970d     6a00e54ecca8b988330167690a657c970b

6a00e54ecca8b98833017743e5944c970d     6a00e54ecca8b98833017743e59437970d

6a00e54ecca8b98833017616ff539d970c     6a00e54ecca8b988330167690a652d970b


I’m puzzled as to where we could all get hi-res copies or published copies of the calendar. If anyone knows, please share by commenting below.

Happy 2013 everyone!!!

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