Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hunk of the day: Lucas Gil

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Lucas Gil, born in 1984, in Votuporanga, Brazil, is a Brazilian model.


Gil has a degree in Nutrition but changed career direction when he entered the 2007 "Mr Brazil" beauty contest, in which he won.


Then, he went to "Mr World" where he was proclaimed first runner up and started to represent his country around the world.


Soon after winning, he appeared in a commercial for "Colgate" and campaigns for "Calvin Klein".


His unexpected success in modeling has given him the confidence to pursue his goals and encouraged him to make the move to Hollywood. In 2009, he did just that by moving to New York to focus his career as a runway model.


Gil's first job after moving in NY was a photoshoot for "Brazilian Vogue" courtesy of Boss Models. He then went on to grace the cover of "Men's Health".

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Says Gil, "Modeling for me is not just a job. It´s a good way to get to know new countries, cultures, languages, people, places, friendship, and food."


For fun, Gil enjoys playing sports and being with the people whom he loves.

Thanks to Miguel Eduardo for the hi-res photos.

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