Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Magic Mike: sex, male strippers, and more

I just saw the premiere of Magic Mike here in the Philippines and it's gotta be the movie of the year!

Magic Mike is a story of a male stripper who dreams to be a successful entrepreneur. The story is inspired by Channing Tatum's own story.

I love how the story was narrated: it was clear and easily understood.

If you haven't watched the movie yet, I'm gonna warn you right now, you'll be seeing a lot of Channing's and Alex' hot asses!

The feminine crowd would be pleased with the boys whirlwind performances for sure, but it doesn't end there. Magic Mike has got a timely story and important message to tell.

Channing, the star of the movie, shows us not only his superb & out-of-this-world dance moves, but also his acting chops. He is at home in that stage and it shows but you will also see why he is where he is now.

It was the first time that I saw a movie with Alex Pettyfer in it. He appeared as a cute and innocent young guy in this movie who later on was introduced to stripping by Mike (Channing) accidentally. I was surprised at how good his body was!

Despite being an oldie, Matthew McConaughey has the body and sex appeal for his part. He definitely looks like a person all the guys should look up to when it comes to taking care of his body.

I was quite surprised that Matt Bomer doesn't have much of a role in this movie. I super love his dancing though.

It was a challenge to focus on Channing and Alex when there's super hottie Joe Manganiello strutting on the background with his super chiseled body. The hunk proved that he has serious dancing skills!

Magic Mike has that perfect balance in enticing the viewers and delivering a message. I know that majority of the girls would be watching this movie but I really advise that the (straight) guys would also consider watching it. It is a movie that one can reflect on and think about.

I just dunno if there were cuts on the Philippine showing but I will definitely look forward to seeing it again either one of these days or in DVD (for some exclusive scenes, perhaps).

Thanks Multivision Pictures Philipines!

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