Thursday, July 5, 2012

Callum David Instapics

callum david instagram
"On set at todays TVC shoot"
I am addicted to Instagram! Or anything Instagram-like apps…

I mean, I have been doing this ever since I’ve discovered online photo-editing tools to make my personal pictures more adorable to look at. I just dunno why it was hot all of a sudden now.

What I really don’t like about Instagram is that it’s a bitch. One thing is that you need to have an Apple or Android phone to be able to sign up for it. Next is, it’s another social networking site so that means it requires you to promote it to gain followers…. There’s a number of treasons more I could write about what I don’t like about it but let’s talk about what I love about it – more pictures!!!

Here are some pics of Callum that I you might like…

"Thanks to @poshboxevents for the cool tshirt! #heatstrokeparty #Davao"

"On the way to Davao for #heatstrokeparty"

"The new DJ Vinimal glasses? #brokemyshades #ReuseRecycle"

"On the way to the airport... See you tonight Naga city!!!"

"My beard... Should I keep it?"
"Photography by Nikki Isaac"

"Birthday shooting for @benchtm #workeveryday"

What do you prefer: Beard or NO beard?

More of Callum here.

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