Saturday, June 11, 2016

Pietro Boselli for Men's Health China

I just literally woke up from a dream about Pietro. Haven't washed my face or gargled yet because I was in a hurry to do something, only to find out that I actually have nothing to prepare for,  so I sat down in front of my computer, typed Pietro Boselli ( ha!ha! ) and voila! He's featured in Men's Health China! And speaking of which, He was there last month and did some photo shoots since he was chosen as an ambassador for besound speaker. Well it's not surprising that he'll be in a cover of such Magazine. Many of us didn't expect it it to be in the Chinese publications though, but what the heck! Even if it's still Men's Health Zimbabwe, I will surely collect every picture of him ( especially the shirtless ones ) in my archive. Let's just cross our fingers that one of the major companies here in the Philippines could afford to fly him over and make him the face of their brand as well.  The Professor of our dreams once again is making his fans, including me/ us drool, I mean inspired with his well- sculpted physique in the latest issue of the said magazine. Let's check it out!

Now let me compute how many hair does he have on his happy trail #char

I'm that cookie he's nibbling #AmbitiousB*tch LOL 

You're my Kryptonite, Professor! 

Credits to: Men's Health China and shiera. allysane 

PS. By the way, in my dream I approached a shirtless Pietro who was near a videoke and asked him to take a selfie with me, but there was this "tambay" looking guy who unfortunately seemed to be one of his good buddies kept on blocking me off to have a moment with Pietro! #Daot I guess someone has to play the villain in every Fantasy :p


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