Friday, March 4, 2016

Pietro Boselli for EA7 Emporio Armani 2016 Campaign

This is already my 3rd entry this week  about this Marvelous Math Mentor, and I'm so looking forward to see and blog more of him!  And yes! He's my current Passion, isn't it obvious? LOL! but enough about me! Since it's already Friday, I'd like to share with you a weekend treat! Get ready to be fired up because It's not just the summer that will give you a heat stroke! Check out EA7 Emporio Armani's Spring Summer 2016 campaign with their main man, Pietro Boselli!

Ikaw na teh! In English, "You already!"

Back to regular programming 

                                                                Oh my Demigod! This shot! 

Just so you know, this isn't his first time for Armani. He was also one of the faces of Armani Junior in 1995 :)

Currently, Pietro is in Australia taping for MTVTrippers with this Naked traveler, Tyson Mayr. Can't wait for his episodes to air!

Have a Happy weekend!
Photo credits to: mtvtravel_au


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