Saturday, February 6, 2016

Demigods Exclusive: Enchong Dee and girlfriend Samantha Lewis split up?

Rumor has it that Kapamilya hunk Enchong Dee and model girlfriend finally call it quits.

According to our very reliable source, the couple broke up during their out of the country trip last year before 2015 ended. Enchong said that he is no longer happy.

For the longest time that they were together, it was their first out of the country trip. Allegedly, Enchong and Samantha were with Enchong's family so when he broke up with her, Sam couldn't do anything.

Is it true that the couple only had kissed twice? That's pretty weird for a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, right? Also, if our source is saying it right, Enchong treats Samantha coldly when cameras are out of sight, as if she's not her girlfriend. Aaawww, girl. You deserve better.

On January 6, 2016, Samantha Lewis posted this picture on her instagram:

"Thank you for the love, ELC family! Shoutout to @karagozali @markagasmd and @guggles05 for helping me take the photo". The poor girl broke down and was hospitalized because of the breakup.

Days later, she posted this photo:

Samantha dyed her hair green which signifies that she wants to move on by changing her look.

Samantha Lewis had a romantic relationship with Marc Nelson prior to Enchong Dee.

Such a heartbreaking story for Valentines', right? Anything you'd like to say? Share it in the comments below.


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