Saturday, October 17, 2015

Quickie | The Red Charity Gala x Bench x Lesley Mobo featuring River Viiperi and other demigods

I'm still learning how to breathe again!

The Red Charity Gala just finished a few hours ago and I got the chance to meet demigods River Viiperi, Eian Scully, and Kevin Hubsmith in person!!!

I'm gonna make this really quick and update the blog again some other time.

The Last Supper

Upon entering the venue, we were welcomed by these gorgeous men in Bench underwear.

Kevin Hubsmith for Bench underwear
We can never get tired of John Spainhour
So many men, so little time.
River Viiperi for Bench underwear
River Viiperi, Eian Scully, and Kevin Hubsmith at the Red Charity Gala after party

There was an after party where guests were given goodie bags and stuff but all I needed was these three demigods.

Oh my god. Dreams do come true. Thank you, Bench!!!

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