Friday, May 29, 2015

The hot hunks of Avon fashion show May 2015

Every year, Avon holds a get together for all its Avon Ladies and I am so lucky to be able to sneak in to their recent party wherein they also hold a fashion show.

I’ve been wanting to know how it actually goes because I’ve been hearing about their fashion shows before but really haven’t seen one in real life or even online.

The main face and body of Avon for Men, George Alves was there. Is he skipping the gym lately?


My camera loves Eduardo Lara!

Here’s a clearer picture of George Alves looking adorable.

Lucas Alves and George Alves are hott!

Best Body of the Night goes to Eduardo Lara!

Cute model Sam Turner was there too.

As well as Arthur Tselichev.

It was a quick fashion show which all the Avon Ladies enjoyed for sure.

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