Sunday, July 20, 2014

Jan Noval for Cosmo69 Bachelors: Yes or No?

Jan Noval

Is Cosmopolitan magazine running out of hot straight hunks?

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Yesterday, the female magazine posted this clip of Jan Noval as an aspiring Cosmo Bachelor on Instagram, “This aspiring #Cosmo69 Bachelor can DANCE! Yes or no, Cosmo girls?”


We agree, Jan Noval is hot. It’s just we are used to seeing hot and straight hunks on the Cosmo69 magazine.

On the Instagram post, most comments say that they agree on putting Jan on the Cosmo69 list but we know that Cosmo can easily filter the negative comments, right?

If he makes it to the list, does this mean that all PoGays can also try out to be a Cosmo69 hunk?

Just to set the record straight, let’s make an unfiltered poll. Comment below “YES” if you agree that Jan Noval should join this year’s Cosmo69 Bachelors list or “NO” if not.

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