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The Century Tuna Superbods final callback + the hunks who almost made it

Century Tuna Superbods 2014 (1)

We were there!

It was like American Idol choosing their top 12 finalists. You can feel the emotions and temperatures rising. Everyone wants to be one of the top 18 finalists of the Century Tuna Superbods 2014.

In this post, we’re gonna show you what it looks like to be called back for the final screening of Century Tuna Superbods plus check out our fave hunks who almost made it.


This is the stage where the contestants will walk on during the screening process. They had to rehearse first so that everything will go smoothly.

Contestants will basically walk one by one, then afterwards will be asked a question by the judges which includes Joey Mead-King and DJ Tony Toni.

Laurens Tolenaars

How true is it that Mr. Tolenaars allegedly has no Filipino blood? According to a very reliable source who happened to be one of Laurens’ old close friend, it is a secret he’s been hiding for years. Hmmm, I’ve been hearing a lot of things about this guy.

Here are some of my fave contestants who didn’t make it to the finals:

Joshua Colet Century Tuna Superbods 2014
This buff kid is a sure favorite of the crowd

Dale McDonald Century Tuna Superbods
Another young gentleman sees if he can get it with his great looks

Century Tuna Superbods
...And amazing smile!

Wil Dasovich's cute Tagalog will make any Pinay swoon

Smooth Fil-Persian hunk didn't make the cut too this time

This hunk was flunked by the judges because they weren't convinced that his TV tapings wouldnt interfere with Century Tuna duties

And then, there were those lucky ones who made it to the Top 9 male candidates:


Century Tuna Superbods 2014 (4)

Most contestants got nervous with the Q&A but everything seemed to be cool with the judges as they didn’t really ask them difficult questions.


After the Q&A portion, the judges deliberated on who the finalists should be. So, the contestants had time to relax and chill a bit.

After a few minutes, the models were asked to group altogether as they wait for their names to be called as finalists…



Everyone in the venue is tense…

Century Tuna Superbods 2014 (3)
Except probably this cute kid...

Century Tuna Superbods 2014 (6)
I wonder what he's thinking about?

And then, they call the finalists over one by one…


The girls tend to have an obvious favoritism though…

Century Tuna Superbods 2014 (2)

Antonio de Murga century tuna superbods

To those who didn’t make it, I’m pretty sure that you guys will make it somewhere else. Just keep pushing for your goals and strive to be the best.

Check out the complete list of male finalists here.

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