Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Justin Bieber performs for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines

Justin Bieber visits Typhoon Haiyan victims Philippines (2)

We just turned Beliebers now.

I was a bit feverish last night so I missed the gossip that Justin Bieber was planning on coming over here in the Philippines to visit the Typhoon Haiyan victims.

Instagram photos and videos from TV5 reporter MJ Marfori confirm that Justin Bieber is indeed in Tacloban.

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Justin Bieber visits Typhoon Haiyan victims Philippines (3)
Justin Bieber gives the kid victims new shirts

Justin Bieber cheerfully meets his fans in the Philippines

Justin Bieber kisses a crying baby Yolanda survivor

Hot and sweaty, Justin Bieber didn't show any sign of being tired while helping the survivors

Justin Bieber plays games and dances with the Typhoon Haiyan survivors

Thank you for your help, Justin Bieber!

After his trip, Justin Bieber continues to campaign for the Philippines on Twitter:

We can't thank you enough, Justin Bieber. This means so much to the Philippines.

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