Saturday, November 23, 2013

Openly gay artist Sebastian Castro releases new provocative song and music video “Theban”

Sebastian Castro Theban (3)

Sebastian Castro is at it again!

After the highly talked about “Bubble”, LGBT icon Sebastian Castro releases his new song “Theban” together with a provocative music video.

Prior to watching the music video, our expectations towards the new one were really high.

Do you think our expectations were satisfied?

See the music video after the jump…

First of all, we like the idea that Theban was actually an ancient Greek army of gay men who beat the group of ripped Spartan men. Represent!

Sebastian Castro Theban (1)

Sebastian Castro is gorgeous as always. Both ladies and gay guys would fall in love with him. In this song, we hear his raw singing voice – less the autotune. Now we appreciate the robotic voice more.

Sebastian Castro Theban (4)

We really like the costumes used. Kudos to that!

Some of the guys were really hot too, we’re just not sure about the rest of the guys who could have just been used as background – including Sebastian’s leading man.

Sebastian Castro Theban (2)

There were also those scenes where the main focus was Seb but then the background can actually capture your attention because of the outrageous stuff going on.

The song has got its “Bubble” feel in it. It’s gonna be cool disco song that we’ll surely hear in our fave party clubs soon. We are just missing a signature dance move to it.

Theban is a nice distraction from all that’s happening in the country right now. Bubble might still be our fave, but we’re pretty sure that “Theban” will be viral too.

What do you think of Sebastian’s new song? Share us your thoughts in the comments.

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