Friday, July 26, 2013

Demigod of the day: Maui Lumba

Maui Lumba (10)

Tito Boy Abunda’s new promising talent, Maui Lumba, is the demigod of the day.

Check out our first-ever interview with him after the jump…

Maui Lumba (8)
Maui Lumba is Boy Abunda's newest discovery

May 6, 2011 was the date when I first blogged about Mauro and after more than two years, the Demigods blog finally got the chance to interview him.

Maui Lumba (7)      Maui Lumba (11)

Maui is a commercial and fashion model in the Philippines; he has done several endorsements for the biggest brands in the country. Now, he is transitioning into being an actor, under the management of Boy Abunda’s talent management – Backroom Artists.

Maui Lumba (2)

Demigods Blog: Hi Maui! How is it going with Backroom Artists?
Maui: Backroom is really nice. They take good care of us and prepare us for the future. We are currently working on projects. Just stay tuned and please support the group of NYOBG or backroom 9 :)

Maui Lumba (1)
Maui Lumba is an Adonis. Just look at those V-lines!

DG: Are you discovering new things about yourself?
Maui: Yes of course. There are lots of things still to be discovered.
Maui Lumba (12)     Maui Lumba (4)

DG: Lots of fans are wondering, how do keep in shape?
Maui: Important tlga you work out. Diet work pero samahan ng workout, better. I just make sure na hndi ko papabayaan katawan ko. (Working out is really important. I diet but combining it with workout is so much better. I just make sure that I always take good care of my body)

Maui Lumba (9)     Maui Lumba (5)

It really shows that you’re doing a great job on taking care of your body, Maui!

We can’t wait on seeing the fruits of your hard work in the upcoming months.

Maui Lumba (3)

More of Maui here and here.

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