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EXCLUSIVE: Charlie Matthews: The face to watch in 2013


Former sales clerk turned model Charlie Matthews was discovered after his work at the grocery. His life was changed completely after that.

Charlie Matthews Collage

Charlie Matthews is a 21 year old 1st generation Serbian-American male model from Los Angeles, California.


“I was walking to my car when a manager from Abercrombie (& Fitch) came up to me and said, ‘We’re looking for shirtless greeters at Abercrombie and I’d like you to work at my store’. I didn’t know what Abercrombie was or anything but getting paid to stand there shirtless, I thought it was better money than a grocery store”, Charlie shares in an exclusive interview with the Demigods blog. He went to the A&F casting and got the job with flying colors.


“On a holiday, a photographer came up to me and said he was interested in shooting me. About a week later I did the photoshoot. Then, he submitted pictures of me to all the modeling agencies. All of them rejected me because I was too bulky and needed to drop the weight.”


“I manage to drop 23 pounds of fat and got down to a size 30 and signed with my mother agency 6 months later…”

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“…And ends up getting me 8 agencies around the world.”

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Name: Charlie Matthews
Year Born: 1991
Height: 6'1
Eye Color: Blue Green
Hair Color: Black
Ethnicity: Serbian-American
Location: Los Angeles

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Charlie loves to workout and discipline himself by eating right and try to get in best shape as possible.

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He played multiple sports all his life such as Baseball, Basketball, and Track/Field through Highschool and College.

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During his spare time he likes to play video games and hangout with friends.


Charlie is a humble, hardworking person who always likes to stay busy.

Charlie Matthews     418928_460008077364909_1898872794_n


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   390346_501213973244319_2071411405_n   391223_448247378540979_562497278_n   546174_516786228353760_1672036094_n

575888_447826785249705_726037564_n     561892_486257328073317_1641839023_n

184414_509087379123645_1974240700_n     375671_455735457792171_780228170_n

293904_516786231687093_49074768_n     292951_460939190605131_953465482_n

551829_189084821236068_1579934446_n     528748_458747677490949_1778671816_n


He is currently in Seoul, Korea and will stay there for two more months for jobs.

Judging from his portfolio and personality, Charlie has a bright future in the modeling industry.

He is exclusively represented by Vander Models.

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