Monday, November 12, 2012

Breaking news: Mister World 2012 scandal

mister world 2012 scandal

A notice of alleged scandal spread like wildfire on the internet that could shake Mister World 2012.

Although not yet officially revealed the names of those involved, several forums indicate that two of the male participants Mister World 2012 pageant, were discovered in a room in an embarrassing situation.

At the moment it is not known what allegedly happened.

The notice circulating on the Internet, says: "Until now Ms Morley (spokesmen) have not revealed the names of two of Mr. World 2012 participants who were discovered in a room in a rather embarrassing situation, but we know that participants are fully aware of those who try but have been advised not to disclose information of risk of being withdrawn from the Competition ".

However, several sites reveal that the contestants are Mister Venezuela - Jesus Sambrano and Mister Belgium - Gianni Sennesael. –Vocero

mr world 2012 scandal

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