Monday, August 21, 2017

Xian Lim shows off his fit body in Muscle & Fitness magazine July-August 2017 issue

Just how sexy is this magazine cover of Xian Lim for Muscle & Fitness magazine?

I almost forgot about how gorgeous Xian Lim is til I saw this magazine on the mall yesterday. Also, I also remember that Muscle & Fitness magazine Philippines launched last year, so itś pretty new as well.

Maybe I wasn´t watching tv that much that I wasn´t really seeing much of Xian. Iḿ also wondering why he hasn´t been a Celebrity Centerfold for Cosmopolitan magazine. I just thought of it since Cosmo will be releasing their annual Cosmo Bachelors magazine. Oh well...

Since I wanted to check on the tall chinito actor, I learned that heś launched a new album entitled ¨Key of X¨ and started his mall shows. First thing that came into my mind was a sexy music video to go with his songs and the possibility of meeting him in person one of these days. Lol

Oh I just miss Xian Lim!

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