Thursday, January 21, 2016

Meet the Hottest Pair From Parisian & Milanos - James Reid and Nadine Lustre

Hottest Love Team = Hottest Shoes & Bags of 2016

Along with a new collection to hit the stores in the first months of the new year, Parisian Shoes and Bags and Milanos Shoes also welcome two of the freshest faces in local show business to represent the brands in its latest campaign – Nadine Lustre and James Reid.

The SM Store’s biggest shoes and bags brand – Parisian Shoes and Bags and Milanos Shoes present the trendiest collections to date. From casual to trendy shoes and bags, the collection includes a reboot of styles, chic inspiration, and sports motifs.

Like James and Nadine, Parisian Shoes and Bags and Milanos Shoes are looking towards the young and sophisticated. Today’s shoppers who are as passionate about their looks as in their spending, and values comfort as much as the hottest styles.

Young, edgy and fun – these words cannot even begin to describe James Reid.

This Filipino-Australian rose to fame after his success in a local reality show, where the audiences got the unique opportunity to know the real person behind the actor. Today, he represents the new crop of young gentlemen – sincere, cool, and an overall great personality that matches his great looks.

Ever the cool dude, James loves the casual styles and comfortable fit of Milanos shoes. He transcends from boy-next-door to ultimate heartthrob with casual styles in blues and browns.

Nice pair, indeed!

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