Thursday, January 16, 2014

Demigod of the day | Zac Efron through the years

Zac Efron - Demigods (5)

Can you believe how Zac Efron has evolved into one of today’s hottest men on earth?

From Summerland, High school musical, to today’s drool-worthy hunk, let’s take a look at this demigod’s transformation.

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Here’s Zac Efron’s high school photo. Look at that cute gap in his teeth.

Zac Efron - Demigods (3)

He kinda looks a bit like Chace Crawford in here…

Zac Efron - Demigods (4)

Here comes the comparisons… Zac loses the gap.

Zac Efron - Demigods (7)

And then a very striking change on his nose (which I personally never realized til now).

Zac Efron - Demigods (1)

Zac Efron - Demigods (6)

I mean, the old nose wasn’t bad…

Zac Efron lost the toothy gap and became a true Hollywood hunk! (Getty Images)

And then he worked out…


And now, he looks like this.


So now we know how a “Hottest man on earth” is made of. Well, no matter what, Zac Efron will still be one of our biggest crushes.

What do you guys think of his transformation?

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