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Demigod of the day: Garrett Clayton | The new Zac Efron?

Garrett Clayton (3)

So I turn on the tv the other day and the first thing that I saw was this shirtless teen actor in a locker room scene. I didn’t realize that I was actually watching the show for several minutes already and that this cute guy made me hooked til the end of the movie. Well I just wanted to know who the actor was so I waited for the end credits which did not come. Good thing that I am so good with Google so I was able to discover that the lead guy of the movie “Holiday spin” is young teen heartthrob Garrett Clayton.

Garrett Clayton (4)

While I was watching Holiday Spin, I keep noticing that Garrett looks like if Zac Efron and Dave Franco had a baby, Garrett would be their offspring. But he looks more like Zac Efron because of his hair, voice, body and overall look. Oh and he dances really good as well.

Garrett Clayton Zac Efron

Prior to seeing Holiday Spin, I have no background on Garrett Clayton whatsoever. So when I did some research about him, I was quite surprised that he is also a Disney star like Zac Efron. Above is a side-by-side collage of Garrett and Zac. Tho I really love Zac Efron, Garrett is the raw and untouched version of him. Seeing him made me want to watch High School Musical marathon.

Garrett Clayton (6)

He may not be as perfect as Zac, Garrett is cute as he is. I am foreseeing that he may undergo some physical changes in the future because he is in the show business, but I really appreciate him in his state now.

Garrett Clayton (8)

Sometimes he kinda looks also a bit like Justin Bieber (in one picture I saw online) but its good that Garrett is going into the Zac Efron direction which is way better. For his teen and youthful age, Garrett is already sporting a very good physique.

Garrett Clayton (12)

I think that we love Zac Efron so much that we’d love a clone of him, agree?

Garrett Clayton (7)

The movie Holiday Spin is like a dance-only version of High School Musical wherein Garrett plays Blake, a rebellious teen who is forced to live with his father after his mother die in a car accident.

Garrett Clayton (2)

Here’s more pictures of Garrett Clayton for you to ogle on:

Garrett Clayton (5)     Garrett Clayton (9)

Garrett Clayton (10)     Garrett Clayton (11)

Just to give you an idea of how adorable this guy is, check out his photo shoot with Glamoholic:

Garrett Clayton is our best bet as the newest big thing in Hollywood and we can’t wait for him in the years to come!

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