Friday, September 30, 2016

Pietro Boselli with Ymre Stiekema for Ladies Magazine by Philippe Vogelenzang

Long time no blog, Demifriends! Lucky Serenity here, and I can't wait to share how horny... I mean how happy I am to share the fruits of my latest online stalking.  If you've been reading/browsing our blog entries, I've been specializing in blogging a certain Italian Model/Engineer who goes by the name of Pietro Boselli, who's making our eyes pop and underwears drop not just in cyberspace but around the world.

At the beginning of this month, we saw him as the Cover guy of Men's Health España and was also launched as one of the new faces of  Lab Series together with "Pretty Little Liars actor, Ian Harding.

And so we thought his EA7 2016 campaign with a female model was already heartbreaking. Well, this CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male) themed photoshoot for Ladies Magazine is the closest thing to sex and will make us even more green with envy.

So fellow Bosellians, time for the good stuff! and Yes! screaming is definitely understandable. Caution: The images you will see might cause you dehydration or a mini heart attack ;)

So what would you guys do if this Naked God of Math and Engineering's "magic sword" is touching your body? ... yeah! we know!

If If I were her, I'd be the one kneeling down :p

Ymre in Valentino and Pietro in his birthday suit. Looks like he doesn't just have a baby face, he also has a baby bum :) 

Before I forget, Ymre's got a husband and a child. #JustSaying

I'm gonna scold Pietro for not wearing anything when he gets home #char

Oh My F'n Demigod! I know a God must be worshipped, and he deserves a muscle worship... from me :) 

Something to leave to the imagination. I'm definitely heavier than her so I'll make a better workout prop #coughs

Styling by: Miguel Arnau
Photography by: Philippe Vogelenzang
Hair by: Alessandro Rebbechi
Make up by: Damian Garozzo
Casting Director: Paul Isaac
Production by: Yacir Malek
Assistant Stylist: Mehdi Benali


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