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Demigods exclusive interview with Jason Chee | 11 on 11/11

One of our loyal blog followers, Lucky Serenity, shares with us her interview with Singaporean demigod Jason Chee!

November 9  last year, a male beauty pageant called Manhunt International was held at the Scala Theater, Siam Square, Bangkok, Thailand. 53 gorgeous men from different countries competed for the title and on its 16th annual celebration, our very own June Macasaet bagged the title of Mr. Manhunt International 2012.

As a Filipino, I am truly proud of our representative.He was indeed more than just an Eye candy. but of course, all of them has their own charm and the one who got my attention was the Candidate from Singapore, 4th Runner up Jason Chee.


I'm a fan of KPOP and Korean Novelas as well as anime, but when it comes to crushing on men, I usually go for Westerners and Europeans or Half breeds and was not into Asians. but when I saw Jason Chee's pictures online, It was like I had animated hearts pounding out from my eyes! don't get me wrong, Benjamin is still on top of my list, but Jason is too handsome to ignore. I searched him on Facebook and got lucky to find his Fan page. What I like about him is that he answers most of his fans' questions and appreciates constructive feed backs. He also supports and respects Gay rights so I decided to follow him and he became more interesting to my eyes.

Let's get to know The Singaporean Hottie in this interview we call 11 on 11/11.

Male model, Certified Personal Trainer, Co- Gym Owner and Pageant Titleholder,  Xú Péikūn or famously known as Jason Chee was born on November 11, 1987 to Chinese - Singaporean parents. He has a younger sister and he finished a Degree in Chemical Process at Singapore Polytechnic.
Like some other guys, He achieved his hot, masculine, delicious, mouth watering body (whew!) through hard work. It started in a game of basketball 5 years ago. He and his friend hit the gym to be on par with the buff guys of the opposing team. from routine, it became a passion and so they ended up having their own fitness and  sports service  center called ABvolution. Jason also graced on the covers of iFitness Magazine , Attitude Magazine ( in Thailand ) , Urban Magazine, and Element Magazine. He's also one of the faces of very stud underwear together with Alexander Vega.

As a Personal Trainer, He's not the type who just gives instructions and say goodbye at the end of the program. He likes to keep a close connection with his clients,  treats them with respect, and befriends with them too. how cool is that? I mean, who wouldn't be motivated to work out if you have a Fitness coach like Jason? based from experience, it's really difficult to train almost everyday. You gotta wake up early and keep your ass moving if you wan't to be in top shape, but if he'll be the one to train me everyday, I think I'm going to exceed my program just to hang out with this guy, LOL. speaking of training,He also used to be a Soldier. ( Salutes! )

In life, whatever path you choose, you will always encounter different kinds of hardships and Jason is not an exception. According to his interview from ifitnessmagazine.com, he tore his right knee ligament completely during a basketball game. He was bed-ridden for a while and had to use crutches for a couple of months. not only that, he also lost his NS officership and girlfriend at the same time. But being the man that he is, He didn't let those circumstances pull him down. instead, it became his motivation to be the person who he wanted to be and here he is now. A stronger and a better man honed by hardships and molded by discipline. An inspiration and a positive influence to those people who look up to him.

Here are his stats and achievements:

Height:180 cm / 5' 10"
Weight:73 kg / 161lbs
Chest:102 cm
Skin color:Tanned
Waist:76 cm
Hair: Black

Manhunt 2009 Mr Physique
Calendar guys 2010 Mr physique
Calendar guys 2010 Winner
CLEO Top 50 bachelor 2011, Bachelor with the hardest body
Best model, Singapore winner
Best Model World, Best in Asia
Manhunt Singapore 2012, True Fitness Best Physique
Manhunt Singapore 2012, Mr Physique 
Manhunt Singapore 2012, Mr Fabulous Tan 
Manhunt International 2012, Mr popularity 
Manhunt International 2012, 4th Runner up

Interesting Fact: From the Married Man (Radio Program I watched on Youtube), he's interested in acting and He's hoping to be a part of a Singaporean version of Baywatch if given the chance to be in a TV series. 

11 on 11/11 with Jason Chee:

You've been to Taiwan recently, right? How was your trip?
It was great. Taiwan has got many good food I can't find in Singapore. The people there are really nice and helpful as well. Besides that, it has been quite fulfilling for me as I am gonna have some gigs there in the future, so stay tune for it. 

How was your life when you were a kid? any weird or funny nicknames?
I guess my life was pretty normal. I was the average, sporty kid when I was young. I played basketball competitively. no funny nicknames actually. 

Tell us one peculiar behavior or personality that you have
Sometimes when I am free I just zone out and imagine myself in some movie scenario and tried to act like the character in my mind ha!ha!

You have already conquered the pageant and modelling industry, what's next for "The Jason Chee"?
Thank you for your compliment but I wouldn't say that I conquered the industry honestly. Right now I am still finding more opportunities in fitness and modeling industry, just trying to get better as the time goes by. Probably I am gonna go into Taiwan market. 

Are you currently single or seeing someone special?
Seeing someone.
(Awww...sorry ladies and ladies at heart, LOL)

How are you as a boyfriend?
Not the perfect one but good enough I guess. I am quite meticulous so I notice the small details of my girlfriend. But of course I have my bad points as well like I can't stand girls giving    bitch fits. I will blow up as well. 

What are your pet peeves?
I don't really have it man.
( I'm not a man, dude! ha!ha! )

You have a lot of fans/admirers, how do you interact with them and how do you deal with someone who's already crossing the line? 
Well, as some of you might have already know, I have a fan page where I interact with people. I try my best to answer each and everyone of them, If their questions are constructive. They supported me, therefore the least I could do is to reply them to my capability, but of course I am not on the fan page 24/7, so I might miss out a few. For those who have crossed the line, I will just ignore most of the time, but for those which are really rude, I will give them a piece of my mind. 

You seem totally comfortable with your own skin. Your thoughts about nude modelling?
My thoughts about nude modeling is that we have to be professional about it, because after all it is just another form of photography. Both photographer and model have to trust each other on this and just be cool about it. 

Do you have any inspirations or people who you look up to when it comes to modelling or fitness?
Truth be told, I don't have any idol actually, I just focus on making myself better all the time. 

An interview is not complete without a farewell message. Anything you want to say to your Filipino Fans and  supporters from all over the world?
Definitely. I think Philippines is very nice place, especially Boracay. I will visit there one day. For my Filipino fans who like me, Thank you very much, you guys are my motivation to do better, I wish you guys all the best in your life as well. 

You can visit Jason's Official Facebook Fan page at https://www.facebook.com/Jason.Chee.Official
Check out also their gym via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Abvolution/info
visit them at: 200, Jurong East Avenue 1, #03-01, YOHA @Jurong, Singapore, Singapore 609789 or go to his website: http://www.jasoncheefitness.com/model.php
and follow him on instagram : http://instagram.com/jasonch33

Photo Credits: Haruehun Airry
                          ifitness Magazine
                          Daniel Ho of Element Magazine
                          Mave L. Hsiun

Interview by: Lucky Serenity                     


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